Tree planting day
aids habitat restoration
A team made up of Jackson workers and supply chain partners joined EA staff to plant trees in Gloucestershire, as part of a drive to reinstate habitat for wildlife.
The planting day took place at Framilode on the banks of the River Frome, a tributary of the River Severn, where the Jackson team has been working on behalf of the Environment Agency, using sheet piling to rebuild part of a flood embankment.
Now that the scheme is reaching completion, the team came together to plant a total of 80 apple and plum trees. The fruit from the trees will be used for local produce.
Jackson’s regional director for the Northern region, Ravi Darigala, joined the team to help with the planting.
Tree planting day aids habitat restoration
Working for wildlife
The tree planting is one of a number of initiatives undertaken by the team to improve the site for wildlife. Several hibernaculum for reptiles and amphibians have been built, while bat boxes have also been erected at the location.
Tree planting day aids habitat restoration

'The aim is to leave a site that protects the properties of people living here but also ensures wildlife can flourish in this rural location'

Steve Hunter, Consultant Works Manager, Jackson Civil Engineering
A new badger sett has also been built away from the site to provide habitat for the mammals whose previous earthworks were dug into the embankment.
The team worked closely with ecologists from the EA to ensure that all was done to mitigate any impact on wildlife.
Tree planting day aids habitat restoration