Steel flood wall installed
to protect villagers
A Jackson team working on behalf of the Environment Agency is installing a 200m-long flood wall designed to protect residents and businesses in Lowdham.
The new wall is located along a section of the Cocker Beck - a tributary of the much larger River Trent – which runs through the centre of Lowdham.
Steel flood wall installed to protect villagers
Steel piles
In order to install the wall, the Cocker Beck channel was infilled temporarily to form an access track from which the team could work. The Beck’s water passed beneath this temporary track through two large flume pipes.
Interlocking 8 metre-long steel piles have been used to build the flood wall. Now the steel piles have been installed and capped, the access road material will be removed and the Cocker Beck channel restored.
Because of the close proximity of the waterside houses to the piling operation, vibration and sound sensors were placed on the properties to measure that the work was carried out within acceptable limits.
Steel flood wall installed to protect villagers

“The collaboration between client, designer and contractor was impressive and the team worked together to develop a project design and delivery plan that considered existing stakeholders and the temporary works required while also maintaining flood prevention throughout the delivery. In short - a great project managed by a highly-skilled collaborative team"

Craig Hardy, Contracts Manager, Jackson Civil Engineering
While work along the Beck was taking place measures were required to deal with the anticipated increase in rain during winter. To handle higher flows following periods of rain, the team installed five high-volume pumps on site, which would automatically activate in order when levels in the Beck rose.
In this event, some of the water would be pumped along the length of the wall and back into the Beck. Other pipes deposited the water on the nearby cricket pitch, which acts as a flood storage reservoir in times of heavy rain.
Works now include removal of the flume pipes, garden reinstatement of the properties backing onto the Beck, removal of pump system, footpath works, sports pitch regrade and demobilisation.
Lowdham Flood Alleviation Scheme
Lowdham has a history of flooding as a result of extreme rainfall events falling over the large catchment area of 12km². Most recently in February 2020 more than 95 properties were impacted by surface water and fluvial flooding, and there was disruption to roads and transport links.
The flood wall scheme is one of two projects relating to Lowdham that Jackson is overseeing on behalf of the Environment Agency. A second project, due to start later this year, will see a flood storage reservoir built upstream of the village – designed to reduce the amount of water entering the village and part of the wider Lowdham Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS).