Jordan uses mental health training
to talk man back from the brink
A Jackson engineer has talked about how his mental health first aid training helped him stop a man jumping off a bridge.
Earlier this year, Jordan Searle, a senior engineer who is currently working on the Environment Agency’s Navigation Programme in Northampton, saw the man standing on the edge of an overpass on the A14 as he drove to work.
“He was standing on the wrong side of the railings, so I went round the roundabout and parked nearby,” said Jordan, who took mental health first aid training last year.
“I started chatting to him and realised that he didn’t speak English, so I tried to calm him down and persuaded him to sit down, which was safer than standing up.”
Jordan uses mental health training to talk man back from the brink
Jordan then started to flag down drivers who might help.
“It is a busy road, and I was surprised at how many people drove by but eventually a man did stop. Luckily, he spoke Arabic and was a fire marshall, so he had experience of things like this.
“He continued to talk to the man while I called the police. When they turned up, they were able to take control of the situation and bring the man to safety.”
Jordan uses mental health training to talk man back from the brink

'I’m not sure I would have pulled over if I hadn’t done the course. But, at that moment, I thought to myself I have done the training for a reason, and this is it. I am proud that I stopped.'

Jordan Searle, Senior Engineer, Jackson Civil Engineering
Mental health first aid training
Jordan is one of 49 people currently at Jackson who have undertaken mental health first aid training, which is approved by Mental Health England. The two-day course is designed to help them spot the signs of common mental health issues and provide non-judgemental support and guidance on seeking professional support if people need it.
In addition to this training, Jackson’s HR and QHSE teams have organised a number of initiatives to tie in with Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from May 9th to 15th. They include webinars on Building Resilience and Developing a Positive Attitude. There will also be a focus on lone working and how this can affect mental health.