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Work begins on Parkeston Pumping Station Project

Jackson recently started work on the Parkeston Pumping Station project, part of the Asset Refurbishment Programme of Works (APRoW) for the Environment Agency.

This project involves the refurbishment of a series of structures conveying the River Ramsey below the railway which runs through Parkeston International Port to the Stour estuary.

The existing failed flap valves in the balancing chamber located on the north side of the railway will be replaced, and three further penstock valves will be replaced with flap valves in the Pumping Station located adjacent to the southern side of the railway. The project also involves the installation of UV lining to repair one of the failed culverts.

Throughout the project, the team will be working inside a live port and working closely with port security to minimise disruption to port operations. In addition, Network Rail will also have a representative on site to supervise the work being undertaken next to a live railway track.

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