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Plastic clean-up at River Crouch Estuary

The Jackson site team working on the ARPoW Malyons Sluice Project in Hullbridge, took it upon themselves to clear three, 1 ton aggregate bags of loose plastic waste along the River Crouch.

The team currently improving the flood embankment as part of the ARPoW Package in Essex.

John Abraham, EA Project Manager said: “I really see this as very positive behaviour from the Jackson team as well as something that should be shared wider within and outside our organisation. If every construction site adopted something like this then maybe we can start to make a difference in the amount of plastic waste within the environment. There is only one thing better than looking at a job well done, but a litter free job well done, regardless of where that litter originated from.”

This has resulted in a clean and tidy site, and improved the wellbeing and attitude of the team.

Jackson Site Manager, Ashley Tate said: “You could see a change in the team’s behaviour and a pride in their work, which all came out of taking an engaged interest in their working environment.”

General Foreman, Steve Bird said: “The cleaning of the estuary, especially plastic has become a daily occurrence and maybe could be incorporated across all sites as a good will gesture to the environment we all live in.”