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Jackson completes Whaddon Flood Alleviation Scheme

Jackson has completed the £1.7m Whaddon Flood Alleviation Scheme on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council to help protect to 179 properties from flooding.

After downpour significant flood event in 2007 which devastated homes and businesses during the Christmas period, the Environment Agency has given £28m to help the Midlands area kick start flood defence schemes such as Whaddon.

This scheme involved constructing two storage reservoirs capable of holding up 150m3 of flood water along with eight concrete control structures to restrict the flow of water during flood events at two locations.

The project began in January and was completed in November 2018.

Senior Engineer, Thomas Roberts said: “Constructing this project on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council and the land owners was an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the team. Now this project is complete, it will help protect over 179 properties from flooding downstream.”