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Jackson celebrates three years as CLOCS Champion

Jackson has been a CLOCS Champion since 2016, committing to improve health & safety beyond its sites.

CLOCS provides a common national standard to ensure construction vehicles and drivers servicing sites present zero risk of harm to the community by organising routes to and from site which avoid high risk areas such as schools, and minimise left hand turns also reducing the risk to cyclists.

Jackson’s Services Manager, Andy Lusher said: “We take work-related road risk seriously and we’re proud to be a CLOCS Champion. We have committed to promote the CLOCS Standard throughout our own fleet and our supply chain, which will ensure that safety improvements will be cascaded through the construction industry.”

For more information about the CLOCS standard, being a CLOCS Champion or how the CLOCS standard is affiliated with the FORS Scheme, please visit the CLOCS website: https://www.clocs.org.uk/page/clocs-standard