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Jackson reach halfway mark on the A131 improvement scheme

Jackson are fast approaching the halfway mark for completing the A131 improvement works, on behalf of Essex County Council.

This is the final phase in a series of works carried out by Essex County Council that form part of the A131 Chelmsford to Braintree Route Based Strategy Scheme. This is designed to improve safety on the A131/A130 route linking Braintree to Chelmsford, as well as supporting future economic growth of the area.

Sheepcotes Roundabout
The roundabout is now taking shape as the associated drainage and kerbing has been installed and the surfacing has been laid.

The existing traffic splitter islands, on all approaches to the roundabout, have been demolished and the subsequent areas have been rebuilt with permanent, full depth road construction.

An underground attenuation tank system has been installed alongside a Hydro-Brake, flow control manhole in the centre of the roundabout. The tank itself can hold up to 160,000 litres of water and is used to control water flow, in order to minimise the impact of surface water flooding. It also optimises the efficiency of the drainage system, in its entirety.

A131 Braintree Road
Cable diversion works on the existing BT service have been undertaken without any disruption to the service. Re-grading and shaping of the embankment has been completed, before starting the road widening itself, which is now well underway.

B1008 Braintree Road
Surface water drainage pipes which traverse the existing carriageway, from the centre of the roundabout, have been installed. The combined drainage kerbing and road widening works have been constructed and the temporary road surface has been placed.

B1008 Braintree Road/B1008 Essex Regiment Way
Installation of the deep filter drainage, which will lead to a new attenuation pond, has been completed. The team have now begun excavation of the pond which will capture the storm/surface water from the new road layout.

A narrow filter drain has also been installed on each verge, which connect into the new drainage system. This additional pipe acts as a secondary filter for the road construction itself, and locates just behind the new kerb line. The pipe is wrapped in a ‘geotextile’ material and is surrounded in a granular backfill.

Jackson’s Project Manager, Adrian Brown said: “Despite continued poor weather conditions, along with a challenging working environment on a busy junction, the job is progressing. The client has acknowledged our efforts and is pleased with the works so far.”