Beccles Southern

Relief Road

  • Client
    Suffolk County Council
  • Value
  • Duration
    15 months
Construction of the Beccles Southern Relief Road is notable for the sophisticated drainage works that accompanied it and the raft of ecological protection measures that took place as part of the build.
Delivered on time, the 2km-long route relieved traffic congestion through the Suffolk town and kick-started economic development in the area by providing an alternative route to the Ellough Industrial Estate and Enterprise Zone. As part of these works, the Jackson team built two new roundabouts at each end of the road and installed a new shared space for pedestrians and cyclists. New bridleways were provided along with horse crossings at two points on road.


A major highlight of the works was the drainage, which utilised a design requiring excellent problem-solving skills. On the road’s eastern extreme the team excavated and constructed a very large swale, and to the south east created three inter-connected ponds alongside a series of smaller swales. The design also included a large balancing pond, which can accommodate half of the drainage capacity required for the road and path surface areas.

Enhancing Biodiversity

The Jackson team also carried out a number of enrichment and protection activities to reduce the ecological impact of the road and to allow wildlife to continue to thrive within the area. This included the safe relocation of great crested newts and the construction of a hibernacula; the inclusion of mammal tunnels under the road for badgers to pass safely and the installation of bat boxes along the route.

A wildflower seed mix was used on the roadside banks and we also planted a blend of regionally appropriate reeds, water-loving trees, and aquatic plants within attenuation ponds, helping to filter and clean the water and create a haven for aquatic species.

“Building the relief road will be a significant boost to the local economy, speed up journeys and reduce traffic through Beccles.”

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