No-one gets there until everyone gets there.

Effective collaboration ensures strong long-term relationships with like-minded clients, suppliers and our staff.

We’re proud of our people’s ability to work with our clients and we have an impressive track record of long-term relationships.



behaviour champions

Collaboration is not just about ensuring everyone gets along, but rather having a mature enough relationship to be able to both challenge and support in order to strengthen and grow. 

We’ve introduced 8 behaviour ‘champions’ across the business to act as ambassadors to collaboration – facilitating discussions and instigating changes in behaviours. 


staff trained in collaborative behaviours

Key to the success of any relationship is open and honest communication.

Our new behavioural framework workshop, which follows on from our insights training, helps us understand how we can use collaboration and behaviours in everyday life to have positive conversations and turn situations around.


project specific behaviour workshops

Our focus on collaborative behaviours will extend from individuals to entire project teams with the introduction of project specific behaviour workshops. Our aim is to ensure we’re market leaders in the way we collaborate with our clients and suppliers, particularly at project-level.