Bridge beams in place
at Lyminster
A Jackson team has completed a key stage in the construction of a multi-million pound bypass it is building on behalf of West Sussex County Council.
The team is delivering the northern half of the Lyminster Bypass, which will alleviate traffic issues through Lyminster village.
A new viaduct is being constructed as part of the scheme to take the road over a flood plain. All 121 bridge beams, which make up the viaduct, have now been lifted into place.
The beams were pre-cast off-site before being delivered to the Lyminster compound and then lifted into position using a 650t mobile crane.
The viaduct is made up of 11 sections. Each section comprises nine intermediate beams and two edge beams, which are heavier, weighing up to 55 tonnes, as they already have the coping cast on them. The next stage is to add more reinforcement steel to the bridge before concrete is poured to create the bridge deck.
The scheme is expected to be completed by autumn 2024 and as far as is possible, it will be constructed off-line from the existing road network to minimise disruption to road users during the works.