Jackson team visits
Salix's wetland nursery
A team from Jackson recently visited the headquarters of its supply chain partner Salix - a 26-acre wetland nursery at Croxton Park near Thetford in Norfolk.
Jackson’s supply chain manager Andy Lusher and buyer Steve Collins took the morning out to find out more about Salix’s operation and where they might be able to work with the company in the future.
Salix provides sustainable bioengineering solutions for use in river restoration, erosion control and habitat enhancement projects.
Jackson has already used Salix products on a number of projects including the stabilisation of a damaged flood wall in the Derbyshire town of Matlock. Salix also supplied coir matting to stop the erosion of seeded flood barrier banks on the Ouse Washes in Norfolk.
When a Jackson team required established riverside vegetation and wooden stakes to maintain flood banks and create habitat on the River Steeping at Wainfleet All Saints in Lincolnshire, they turned to Salix.
Salix visit (2)

'We continue to enjoy our long-term relationship with Salix, who are always happy to collaborate with us and our clients to deliver the best value solution.'