Restoring rivers
for Anglian Water
A Jackson team has started work restoring waterways in Suffolk.
They are working on the Anglian Water River Restoration Scheme to enhance river flows and create habitats across the River Lark catchment.
On the River Linnet in Bury St Edmunds gravel berms and woody debris bundles have been used to recreate the natural state of the river. Over time these features will embed into the riverbank, creating more energy through the channel alongside other features like riffles and pool sequences. At Tuddenham Mill Stream the team is also creating a river crossing point for cattle as part of a project to restore a riverbank that has eroded badly.
Jackson is working with designer Stantec on the project, which has involved multiple surveys and extensive dialogue with stakeholders, such as Environment Agency, riparian landowners and the River Lark Catchment Group, to agree designs.