Sea gates removed
at Lydney Harbour
A Jackson team, working at Lydney Harbour in Gloucestershire on behalf of the Environment Agency, has overseen the removal of large harbour sea gates, as part of an on-going project to bring the harbour back to working condition.
The giant gates, measuring 5m wide by 11m tall, were removed using a 350-tonne crane. They were taken away on a lorry with a police escort to the premises of Jackson supply chain partner Centregreat in nearby Bridgend, south Wales where they are due to be refurbished.
Craned onto lorry - 2
The harbour on the River Severn, which has Scheduled Ancient Monument status, is one of only two harbours owned by the EA. The Jackson team has carried out various tasks to refurbish the structure including repairs to the harbour wall and the installation of new handrails and fences.
The team is gearing up to remove the large build-up of silt within the harbour, which will allow the gates to be reinstalled some time in the summer. Meetings have been held with dredging contractors to ensure the best methodology to remove the silt, taking into account the environmental constraints due to migrating fish and eels.