Welney flood barrier
gose up
A Jackson team working on behalf of the Environment Agency has completed construction of a demountable flood barrier designed to protect residents and businesses in the Norfolk village of Welney.
Together with supply chain partner Flood Control International Ltd, Jackson held a training day for EA field teams in how to erect the barrier across the road in the event of flooding.
The Welney Wash Road crosses the Ouse Washes Flood Storage Reservoir and creates a low point in the Middle Level Barrier Bank, which Jackson has been improving for the EA for the past six summer seasons. This low point increases the flood risk to the local community and the chance of a breach in the bank if water levels were to overtop it.
Historically a temporary flood barrier was installed using large sandbags across the road. This was costly in terms of labour and waste, as the sandbags could not be reused.
Construction of the demountable barrier involved building a concrete support wall either side of the road for the barrier to join, and a concrete slab across the road to bolt the barrier on to.
The new barrier offers a more robust and easily deployable solution to protecting Welney from flooding. Flood Control International supplied the sections of the barrier, which will be stored at the EA’s nearby Ely depot until they are required.
Barrier sign

'When the flood storage reservoir fills with water and it reaches a certain trigger level, that is the point when we will put the barrier in. We will only put the barrier in once the County Council has closed the road.'