Team takes steps
to repair footpath
A Jackson team has volunteered its time to carry out repairs to a popular footpath near to where it is working.
The crew are working on the £.6.4m Tadcaster Road improvement scheme in York, upgrading cycle, pedestrian and bus travel along the three-mile highway and tackling longstanding drainage issues.
As part of its community project work, the team recently spent a morning laying and compressing several hundred metres of gravel along sections of a popular path that runs through Scarcroft Allotments located near Tadcaster Road. This should drastically improve the heavily used route, which gets muddy in winter and becomes almost impassable.
The Jackson team, which also included workers from supply chain partners Northstar and PJM, volunteered their time for the task. The materials were also paid for by Jackson, who consulted with City of York Council and Scarcroft Allotments Association before carrying out the good deed.
Scarcroft Allotment path - cut down

'We're very grateful to the company for their generosity – it’s a great job that also looks really good.'