Technology project wins
national Constructing Excellence Award
Jackson’s Highways Division has won a national Constructing Excellence award for its innovative use of technology.
Together with partners Connect Plus, Connect Plus Services, Techjoint and Atkins, they picked up the award in the Digital category at a black tie event held in London in mid-November.
Led by Jackson project manager Adrian Istov, the award -winning project saw the team link different software systems to create ArcGIS. This allowed them to plot the location of each of the individual 1050 manhole covers on the M25 network and identify opportunities to share road space closures to carry out inspections and repairs.
M25 manhole cover scheme (1)
Digital assets
By integrating digital assets, the team reduced disruption to motorists by sharing 242 existing closures, reduced risk to the workforce by saving 36,000 additional person-hours on the network and generated a direct financial saving of more than £445,000 to Connect Plus in reduced traffic management costs.
Adrian said: “The ArcGIS offers a big advantage of visualising a different range of information layers against different types of maps. This flexibility can be useful on many projects that we are dealing with on the Area 5 motorways.
National Constructing Excellence Awards

'Winning the Construction Excellence Award made me feel proud to see our collaboration and combined work receive appreciation at a high level.'