Tyre donation provides
seasonal gift for park animals
Animals at Woburn Safari Park received a seasonal treat after a Jackson team donated giant tyres for them to play on.
The team has been working on a scheme at nearby Linmere in Bedfordshire where they have been constructing roads and installing drainage for a new housing development.
The project is nearing completion and they wanted to find a home for the used excavator and dumper tyres rather than send them to landfill. Senior Quantity Surveyor Adrian Thompson contacted Woburn to see if they might come in handy.
Woburn keeper Cat Doherty said the tyres will be used to enrich the living areas of kunekune pigs, ring-tailed lemurs and goats.
Woburn 4
Adrian visited the park just before Christmas along with Jackson Project Manager Jason Gibson and Jackson Site Operative Shane Bass to hand over the heavy tyres. They also took along a big sack of unshelled peanuts as an extra treat for the park’s parrots and macaws.
Woburn 3

'It is great that we have been able to reuse these old tyres - it not only reduces waste and carbon emissions but provides enrichment items for a number of animals at a much-loved business that is local to us.'