Romney Weir

Hydropower Turbines

  • Client
    South East Power Engineering
  • Value
  • Duration
    6 months
Jackson oversaw the pioneering Romney Hydropower project - an undertaking of many firsts.
At the time, it was the first Archimedes screw hydropower plant in the world; the largest hydro installation in the UK; and the first on the River Thames. Using the power of the water rushing through the weir, the completed scheme was expected to generate renewable electricity to power up to 400 homes.

This exciting project was, therefore, very much a pathfinder. With no previous methodology to refer to, the Jackson team worked alongside its supply chain partners to overcome emerging issues and install the turbines successfully.

Heavy Lifting

The project followed extensive repairs to the 50 year-old weir, undertaken by Jackson on behalf of the Environment Agency. The structure then had to be modified – two gates were removed and the weir walls were altered to ensure the two giant turbines and the troughs they sit in could be installed.

The weir is located on a small island, so all plant and materials were transported to the site via river. A particular challenge was the delicate installation of the heavy 20-tonne turbines and Jackson worked closely with its partners to plan the lift using cranes on floating pontoons.

The Royal Household

This project also had a number of influential stakeholders to manage and the team made a concerted effort to ensure all parties were kept informed of the project’s progress. The Royal Household, whose Windsor estate is nearby, showed a great deal of interest in the works and allowed the team to set up a site compound on its land.

In addition to establishing a proven methodology for installing this type of hydropower turbine, the project helped to raise awareness of the possibilities of hydropower for the UK and how existing infrastructure can accommodate such systems.

"It's always good to see our industry being involved in new projects - combining innovation with existing assets to create renewable energy for the future."

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