Westmill Solar


  • Client
    Blue Energy
  • Value
  • Duration
    2 months
The Jackson team worked to a tight deadline to install this 22,000 panel solar energy farm near Swindon and bring the farm online before the closing date of the Government’s existing Feed-in-Tariff.
With only a two-month contract period, the team had to work swiftly to get the job done, and successfully met the target before the terms of the FiT changed. At the time, the farm was Britain’s largest solar array, based across an area equivalent to eight football pitches and generating up to 5MW of electricity – power for up to 1000 homes.

Project in numbers

Each of the photovoltaic plates was mounted at a height of three metres using a total of 68 km of steel – enough to stretch across London from one side of the M25 to the other with plenty to spare. In addition, the solar farm required 132,000 screws and 1.8 km of fencing.

At the time West Mill Solar Farm was also the subject of the UK’s largest community co-operative scheme, providing local residents among other shareholders the chance to own a part of the unique project.

'To complete the UK’s largest solar energy farm in such a short period of time is a tremendous achievement.'

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