Refurbishing work
on Holme Sluices starts
A Jackson team has started refurbishing work on Holme Sluices on the River Trent near Nottingham.
The project is on behalf of the Environment Agency who own and operate the structure. It is the largest barrier on the Trent and helps to protect Nottingham from flooding and controls river levels upstream.
The work initially involves repairing and refurbishing a giant steel gate on the structure – measuring 12.5metres in length and weighing 16 tonnes.
Stop logs
In order to refurbish the gate, it must be isolated using stop logs, the water pumped out and the area tented before it is grit-blasted and plate-welded to repair any cracked or worn areas.
Ahead of the work commencing, a dive survey was carried out. It found that that the sills where the stop logs rest are damaged. Works are being carried out to repair the sills to ensure a watertight seal when the stop logs are lowered in.
Holme Sluices - June 2023 (5)

'It’s an honour to be working on such an impressive structure that does such an important job.'

A Jackson team has been working next to Holmes Sluices in Colwick Country Park for the past year, constructing a large fish pass designed to enable fish species to circumnavigate the barrier and access upstream areas of the River Trent.
As a result of its close vicinity to Holmes Sluices, Jackson has been asked to bring its experience and expertise to bear on the refurbishment works.