Roadside embankment
A Jackson Team has completed work stabilising an embankment near the M25 at Potters Bar.
The work, near to Junction 24, was carried out on behalf of Connect Plus and involved the installation of a series of 14m-long steel piles along a 33m stretch of embankment. A second row of 6m-long piles was also installed to form a retaining wall lower down the slope.
A 100-tonne crane was used for the piling work with the piles being installed using both a vibrating and drop hammer.
Reduced costs
The Jackson team has led negotiations with a local landowner to ensure the work could be carried out from adjoining land.
This reduced traffic management costs and the safety risk exposure to the delivery team, and meant the works could be carried out during the day rather than during short night-time lane closures - saving time, cost and reducing the impact of fatigue associated with night-time working
Potters Bar - Jan 2023 (61)

Prior to the piling phase, the team oversaw a series of ground investigations, which proved the location of known mains pipes running below the ground near the slope.
The team developed and agreed a temporary bridge to protect the gas main where the plant equipment crossed to the work site while the slope was reinstated to its original profile.