Team collaborates
to install giant sea gates
A set of giant sea gates have been reinstalled at Lydney Harbour on the Severn Estuary in Gloucestershire.
The gates - measuring 5m by 11m – were removed by a Jackson team in April and have spent four months at the Bridgend factory of specialist contractor Centregreat Engineering where they underwent an extensive refurbishment.
The installation of the gates is the latest development in Jackson’s work to restore the historic harbour. Other works include renovating the harbour’s heritage walls and the dredging of large amounts of silt that had built up inside the tidal basin.
The team has had to contend with working around one of the highest tidal ranges in the world and within the restrictions that come from working near marine life and on a structure that has Scheduled Ancient Monument status.
Sea gates reinstalled 3
The Environment Agency’s Project Manager for Programme & Contract Management, John Routledge said he was impressed by the level of collaboration shown by designers Arup and Jackson and its partners to complete the gate installation.
He said: “The operation required the input from a number of contractors including Jackson, King Lift and JD Marine.
“The site itself is restricted in size and has multiple constraints and hazards including but not limited to working close to/on water, working from height, lifting and marine activities. Prior to the lifting operation the gates and the area in the harbour entrance required prepping for the lifting and installation."
Sea gates reinstalled 2

“Bringing all this together and getting the job done safely, required strong leadership and organisation which today was clearly demonstrated by [Jackson site agent] Scott Johansen and his immediate team who had the whole operation completed successfully with both gates installed in one day rather than the original plan of two days."