Work starts
at Wrangle
A Jackson team has started work constructing a new pumping station at Wrangle near Boston on the East Lincolnshire coast.
They are working on behalf of Witham Fourth District Internal Drainage Board and the new building will replace an old pump station that was built in 1976.
Because of the location’s importance as a wildlife habitat, the team is working within strict environmental constraints to minimise impact. At the moment, supply chain partner Sheet Piling UK (SPUK) is installing 18m and 22m long steel sheet piles to provide a foundation for the pumping station.
Flood protection
When completed the new pumping station will provide flood protection for a catchment area of approximately 2,169ha, containing approximately 117 residential properties and 26 commercial properties that would otherwise be at risk. The majority of the catchment is high grade arable land and of national importance in terms of food production.
The pumping station has been designed by Stantec to use an innovative Archimedean screw pump enclosed in a tube with the key factor being safe passage for fish and eels that enter the pump.